Health Mapping Applications

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Our Solution Approach

From Enterprise to End Consumer

Universal Technology

All our health mapping applications build on key advancements in quantitative MRI. Our core technology works with images from any MRI scanner, and is universally available in our Dive-in® imaging platform, which can run on any desktop computer.

Needed Applications

Our focus is on improving assessment of the most common health issues arising from excess fat, injury, and ageing. More sensitive detection assists in planning better treatment, and improves outcomes when problems are detected at early onset.

Affordable Access

For health imaging to be more affordable for the end consumer, imaging tools must be more affordable for the imaging center. Pay-per-patient analysis tickets purchased through our App Store enable scaling of application use with demand from referrers.

Pipeline for Applications



Map percentage body fat via images collected in a short 30 second scan. Measure percentage fat within and around organs, the ratio of visceral fat to subcutaneous fat, and the total percentage fat over multiple slices.



Complete non-invasive assessment of diffuse liver disease requires the mapping of steatosis, hemosiderosis, fibrosis, and hepatitis. LiverMap is aiming towards that goal, with initial mapping of percentage fat and iron.



Muscle recovery from injury is linked with the inflammatory process, while atrophy and weakness may owe to fat infiltration. MuscleMap aims to map inflammation plus percentage fat via a combination of two scans.



Joint damage and cartilage wear and tear impact us all. JointMap aims to map proteoglycan concentration in cartilage as an early indicator of joint damage, along with more general maps of the cartilage collagen matrix.

Evolution of Applications

Advancing health mapping through quantitative magnetic resonance imaging.

MR Parameters

Characteristic MR tissue parameters are extracted by modeling MR signal behaviour over a specific time course of image slices.

Map Apps

MR parameters validated as biomarkers are mapped pixel-by-pixel across an image to obtain a precise picture of tissue health.

Health Scans

Volumetric measurement of organ health is achieved by tissue segmentation across multiple contiguous biomarker maps.

Platform for Applications

The Dive-in Platform is a dynamic post processing software package for quantitative image analysis. Dive-in offers easy MR parameter mapping - foundation for imaging biomarkers and health applications - plus stepwise image math operations for custom processing and flexible image viewing.

Standout features include:

  • Fast parallel processing - images mapped pixel by pixel in as few as 10s.
  • Automated mapping - load images and hit the “Map It!” button - that’s it!
  • Instant measurements - statistics and histograms auto-generated on ROIs.

  • The Dive-in platform comes in three versions, ranging from fundamental MR parameter mapping to specific biomarker and health applications:

    Dive-in-Lite: Our baseline version covering image viewing, enhancement, measurement, and maths, along with basic mapping of MR tissue parameters.

    Dive-in-Plus: Extending upon Dive-in Lite, with multi-component biomarkers, plus automatic map statistics and histograms for greater accuracy and insight.

    Dive-in-Pack: All the features of Dive-in Plus with addition of our Map Apps. FatMap is our first offer in the Dive-in Pack, for mapping percentage body fat.

    Find out more on our Product Features page below.

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    Workflow for Applications


    Image Acquisition

    Image acquisition settings are entered from the Application’s data collection protocol and are saved for future use.


    Image Processing

    Acquired image data is analysed on the clients PC with the Dive-in Platform, or using an Application specific Wizard.


    Result Interpretation

    Clear and concise reports of the severity of a given biomarker are generated throughout the tissue of interest.


    Decision Making

    More informed decisions can be made to aid in the identification and treatment of debilitating health problems.

    Beyond Applications

    Analysis Services

    Large datasets or complex analysis?
    We have experience to help with QMRI.

    Provider Partnering

    Wanting to expand your imaging services?
    We can customise to match your operations.

    Custom Applications

    Need extra features or a new Application?
    We can add extra functionality to plug-in.

    Community Assistance

    Extend your imaging capabilities with our biomarker applications, offering quantitative maps of tissue pathology. Our QMRI protocols can be easily added to routine scans, with analysis performed offline on your PC of choice.

    Scanner Setup

    To get your scanner setup to collect the right images for one of our clinical applications, please download a PDF of the required imaging protocol and scanner settings from our Products page. Please contact Support if you require any assistance with setup, or for independent confirmation of analysis results.

    Application Usage

    To accommodate your level of application usage, all our applications are available with pay per volume licenses. Simply choose the number of analyses you would like to purchase through our Shop page. All licenses are floating, allowing license switching between any PC - Windows, Mac or Linux.

    Site Registration

    You can register your centre on our site map as offering biomarker tests. Please contact Support if you would like your MRI centre registered.

    Advance your health assessment beyond visual anatomical imaging with precise measures of tissue pathology. Our imaging biomarkers allow you to quantify the exact extent of key pathologies, like fatty liver and visceral fat.

    Biomarker Applications

    FatMap is our first biomarker "app", currently available for study use. With FatMap you can map percentage fat down to mm resolution within the body, to quantify fat with in organs and tissues such as liver and muscle, or to identify the extent of visceral or pericardial fat.

    For future biomarkers please see our Pipeline for Applications above.

    Result Interpretation

    Biomarker mapping results are presented on single page PDF reports, that can be readily shared with mobile devices. All reports show the representative biomarker value for the region analysed, along with the colour biomarker map and histogram. Histograms enable easy visual interpretation of the spread of biomarker values throughout body tissues.

    MRI Locations

    Please search our site map to find the MRI centre closest to you, with the list of imaging biomarker tests that they provide.

    Imaging biomarkers speed drug discovery and development by improving clinical study safety and outcomes. Better accuracy and precision enables detection of subtler drug effects and bolsters confidence in early results.

    Biomarker Platform

    The Dive-in platform allows technologists and research scientists to explore, manipulate and analyse MR data to map multiple biomarkers of tissue pathology. This approach yields sensitive parameters to detect physiological changes in patients following intervention. Additional insight can be obtained into the mode of action of the intervention, to optimise therapy, and improve patient selection.

    Imaging Services

    MagnePath has specialist expertise in the conduct of imaging biomarker studies, from QMRI protocol design to analysis of the image data. Please contact Support if you require any assistance. If you are interested in investigating the suitability of a specific MR parameter to a assessing particular condition, please contact us, as we would be interested to hear of your potential use case.

    MRI Locations

    Please search our site map to find the MRI centre closest to you, with the list of imaging biomarker tests that they provide. If you would like us to liaise with an MRI centre to setup further imaging protocols, please contact us at Support.

    Enhance the utility of your MRI scanners with our MR parameter mapping and imaging biomarker protocols.   Our imaging biomarker and parameter mapping protocols are suitable to most makes and models of scanner.

    Protocol Integration

    Please contact us if you would like further details on our image acquisition protocols for provision on your MRI scanners. Our protocols are designed to collect the best spread of quantitative data for greater accuracy and precision in MR parameter mapping, whilst also being suitable to the capacity of scanners currently on the market.

    Core Engine License

    Our core biomarker mapping engine may be desirable to have deployed within your scanner software platform. Our engine also runs separable from the user interface, which further allows capacity for remote deployment on centralised or cloud servers. Patient information is stripped from communications, ensuring HIPAA compliance.

    Application Partnering

    Our MR parameter mapping technology extends the current range of potential imaging biomarkers available through our techniques to extract multiple relaxation and diffusion rates per voxel. This can be done from image data sets collected in clinically acceptable scan times. Please contact us if you would like to partner on application development.

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