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Our Delivery Approach

From Imaging Enterprise to Consumer

Universal Technology

Our health mapping applications build on our imaging biomarker platform using advances in quantitative MRI.

Scanner Neutral Software

Pathology mapping can be done on images from any scanner, run on any computer, locally or in the cloud.

Standout Applications

Our focus is on improving assessment of the common health issues arising from obesity, injury, and ageing.

Accurate & Precise

More sensitive detection aids better treatment and improves outcomes when problems are detected early.

Affordable Access

For imaging to be more affordable for the consumer, imaging tools must be more affordable for the provider.


Pay-per-use analysis tickets purchased through our App Store enable scaling of application use with demand.

Our Application Approach

Body Composition and Pathology Mapping

Pipeline for Applications



Map percentage fat anywhere in the body from images collected in a short 30 second scan. Measure percentage fat within and around organs, the ratio of visceral fat to subcutaneous fat, and total percentage fat.



Obesity now surpasses viral infection as the major cause of liver disease. LiverMap aims to map all key histological measures of liver pathology – fibrosis, fat, inflammation, and iron – in only 10 minutes of scan time.



Muscle recovery from injury is linked with the inflammatory process, while weakness and atrophy may owe to fat infiltration. MuscleMap aims to map inflammation plus percentage fat in 5 minutes of scanning.



Joint and cartilage damage impact all of us over our lifetimes. JointMap aims to map proteoglycan concentration in cartilage as an early indicator of joint damage, along with maps of the cartilage collagen matrix.

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Workflow for  Applications

Beyond Applications

Analysis Services

Want to use our biomarkers in a clinical study?

Supporting Clinical Studies

We offer analysis services to pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organisations utilising our imaging biomarkers as surrogate endpoints in clinical trials.

Application Support

Need help with application or protocol setup?

Assisting Application Setup

We offer assistance to imaging centres with the setup of our health mapping applications and the validation of image acquisition settings.

Platform Integration

Want to integrate our applications with your PACS?

Supporting Distribution Partners

We support PACS manufacturers and radiology chains with headless integration of our imaging biomarker platform into PACS software and workstations.

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